Homemade Eye Liner

When I started to make my own Eye Liner I discovered how great it was for my laziness as it goes so much faster to mix the ingredients than reading the lists of the Commercial Ones.

Nonetheless, I was curious drawing this post to know a bit better about them. For some of them, it was really a stunning discovery:

-Parabens: For some people it's no problem. Still it's been banned by the European Union in 2011 because of its action on Oestrogen Receptors and may be linked with Infertility & Breast Cancer.

-Polyethylene: Simply Plastic , consequently made from Petroleum Oil as well as Polyisobutene.

-Titanium Dioxide: Considered possibly Carcinogenic to Human according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

-Trisodium Phosphate: Its use is supposed to be limited by the Clean Act Water. It's a Paint Thinner.

I love even more mine now. Here's my top chrono recipe:

Just 1 Charcoal Pill, half a dozen flakes of grated Bee Wax and a tea spoon of oil, it may vary depending of the desired consistency.