The perfect team — Bringing you plenty of visual goodies on stuff that matter to us.


Dorothee, Skipper

Dorothee has been leading our journey out of some over-consuming habits in the past 4 years. One step at a time. After discovering environmental injustice as a social worker for the visually impaired and refugees, reading and learning the ins and out of the consumerism loops but also by just taking the time to open our eyes and slow down.  We started implementing simple new habits in our lives to help minimize our impact to the point of only producing One Trash Bag per year. This blog was born out of the idea that we are growing accustomed to see trash everywhere we go and that we still keep buying more plastic, using more disposable items. We are not getting used to see plastic trash everywhere, we are actually getting more and more aware of its presence everywhere we go. We take picture of it and think about ways to use it in illustrations that could break the spell of invisibility. The more we see things the more they fade into "normality".  We'll share with you some of Dorothee's graphic work along some pictures and external ressources to stir the debate because to us and many others it matters that we keep thinking about other ways, that plastic waste has no business being in trees, oceans, streets or even our blood. We believe it's important not to get desensitized to the growing presence of waste and especially plastic in our environment. We hope these pages will let you refresh your vision and maybe also think twice when using disposable plastic items as well as motivating and helping you to refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and compost! 


Arnaud, Picture Taker

When Dorothee and I realized that we live in a world that fills up with trash like a swimming pool, I could not resist taking pictures of discarded items. I started a few photographic projects on that base and some of the pictures will join along Dorothee's artwork.